Treatment Options

If you’ve suffered from extensive sleeplessness, Comprehensive Sleep Medicine is here to help you better your sleep health. Using the latest digital diagnostic equipment, we perform detailed sleep studies to provide accurate alternative sleep treatments for a vast array of disorders, especially obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Talk to our specialists to learn more about our alternative OSA treatments.

Consider Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) Therapy

CPAP machineCPAP Therapy is typically the first line of treatment for OSA. The CPAP machine sends positive air pressure into a patient's upper airway through a mask. This air pressure keeps the patient's airway open as they sleep, preventing it from collapsing and allowing sleep apnea to occur. If this the recommended form of treatment, the patient should use CPAP therapy each night to enjoy the best possible sleep.

If we prescribe CPAP therapy, our specialists will arrange monthly clinical follow-ups to ensure that your treatments are going smoothly. Your follow-up data will be sent to your referring doctor each month.

Offering Appliances and Other Sleep Medicine

Mose illustrationThe Moses® is an FDA-approved intraoral device used to prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (FDA 510K #K093710). Below is a color-coded description of The Moses® illustration.

The separate flexible retainer helps prevent tooth movement and acts as an anchor for the entire maxillary arch.

Attached to the base and determines how far the mandible protrudes. Your oral appliance will be delivered to you pre-set according to your bite profile. The buccal-mounted advancement screws allow for an open interior space for the tongue.

The base of the device is explicitly designed to guide and stimulate the tongue to a protrusive or interior position.

One of our specialized alternative sleep treatments, it adjusts your mouth and opens your airways so that you can enjoy peaceful, quality sleep. For further information about The Moses device, visit.

Contact our sleep clinic for more information about our alternative treatments.